Thinking about starting a Blog?

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Thinking about starting a Blog?

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Starting a blog? How to begin

Are you considering on starting a blog to advertise your business or career, or do you just want to discuss your ideas on a topic that you love? Composing a blog is either totally free or affordable, and you can get began in minutes by developing a weblog on a website like Blog writer or WordPress. To create your idea, release your web page and enhance your writing, this content will explain to you what you need to get began.

Step 1 – Come up with a Blog concept

Ask yourself what you really like, really worry about or wish to discuss with others. If you’re going to create something consistently and keep your website clean with new details, then you need to create something that stokes your interest or that shows everyday encounters. Try some of these concepts to get your creativity flowing:

– Sport
– Business
– Art
– Politics
– Films
– TV
– Music
– Photography
– Nature
– Science
– Everyday life
– The Internet or Google

Step 2 – Helping individuals is a good start

(similar to this website, we help with online marketing)

Think about how you want to help individuals. While you want to notify individuals of your broader passions, you will need to focus your web page topics more directly, so that it has an apparent purpose. Here are some ideas of methods that your web page can connect with your intended visitor:

– Inspire people
– Inform them on latest news
– Make them laugh (sharing funny images or jokes)
– Teach them something

Step 3 – Spy on the competitors blogs

(Online marketing best practice)

Take a look at other Blogs on your subject to see what other individuals are already doing. Ask yourself what you have to provide that is different from what other individuals are already doing. Determining your market will provide you with the information that differentiates it from your opponents.

Step 4 – Name your Blog

Think carefully about naming your blog as this will determine the type of audience. Brainstorm a number of ideas before you jump right in to it. Also consider other brand names before you decide, if you select a name that is already well known then it may be impossible for you to be a successful blog or website.

For example our website is named Samesearch as this is relevant to one of our main objectives (Search Engine Optimisation). We have also included the owners initials into the name….therefore creating the title Samesearch.

Step 5 – Relevant Keywords

Research keywords that might be associated to your subject or blog. This is very important when it comes to writing articles for the web as it will mean the difference between people reading and not reading your blog or post.
There are a number of FREE tools that will help you to do this from Google Adwords to Wordtracker. In addition some website (Like this one) will offer plenty of advice about keywords for FREE.

Make sure to add the keywords into your website, blog, article or posts as this is how they may be referenced in search engines such as Google.

Step 6 – Deciding on the correct platform to use

WordPress and Blogger are 2 of the most popular and easiest to use blog creation sites on the internet.

We favour WordPress (although we have created Blogger site), however getting started will take more time. You will discover that WordPress has a extensive range of more innovative resources for improving and advertising your website, normally referred to as plugins. You can buy a customized web address on WordPress for under £20 per annum or map a current website address to WordPress for £10 per year.

Follow the set up process that you receive from WordPress.

Step 7 – Promote your Website or Blog

Add your blog or website to a number of free directories and listings. Technorati or Blogdex are 2 well known indexes to use.For individual posts make sure you add them to sites social news websites such as Reddit and Digg.

Speak to other bloggers or websites that might want to share your information.In addition you can come and speak to Samesearch as we can assist in the promotion of your website or blog.

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