Find membership sites and eBooks that are HOT and offer them content.

Find membership sites and eBooks that are HOT and offer them content.

Get behind the slip stream of others

Ok let’s hypothetically say that you are an expert in Web Design. One thing you can easily do is contact every start-up or web design membership site or magazine you can find and offer to give them either an interview or a report.

Each of these listing or membership sites are continually looking for ongoing value for their
members. If you come through with a great interview or a quality report, you can bet they’ll add it to their members’ area, especially if it’s unique to their site.

Find one membership site each week and offer them great content.
You’ll get your marketing message in front of a lot of very targeted eyeballs who are interested in your topic.
Many membership sites archive their content. Be sure to check before you
agree to do an exclusive interview to make sure that it’ll be getting
exposure for a long, long time.
You can make this offer even more appealing by allowing the membership site owners to use their affiliate link for your program in the report or alongside the interview.

How do you find these hot membership sites? Easy.

Search for the following terms:
•    “keyword club” (example “dog owners club”)
•    “keyword month” (example “diabetic month”)
•    “keyword join” (example “divorce join”)

Of course, don’t fret if you find ebooks instead of membership sites. That works, too.

Find hot ebooks in your niche that are just a little different than yours, but in the same field, and offer them a bonus for their customers. I recommend you search directly in the marketplace for those.

Once you set this up, each and every customer who buys the ebook of a competitor will receive a copy of your audio or report. If you set this up properly, you’ll turn your traffic on autopilot.

More Google research ideas:
•    “keyword report” (example “web design report”)
•    “keyword ebook” (example “web designers ebook”)
•    “keyword affiliate” (example “web design”)

10 ways to more traffic

Free ways to more traffic, sales, and profits

Website visitor traffic makes the world go ‘round and it’s something that every website, blog, or forum owners wants and needs. The biggest conundrum to owners is how we get it! Since the birth of the internet it has been the desire of every website to achieve this nirvana and these tips can show you how.

Each week here at Samesearch we will share 1 of our 10 tips to Free traffic. Return back to our site every week to find out how you can attract free traffic to your website.

I’m constantly being asked the question by businesses small and large as to how they get more traffic to their website. More importantly in this age of economic crisis everyone wants web traffic for free.

Nothing is free….apart from natural traffic!

Some cynics say that nothing is for free in this world, and at times they might be correct but not when it comes to website traffic. For example if you know the skills of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and manage to get your website ranked highly within the major search engines then your (natural/organic) traffic is free, well you haven’t paid for it.

However when we talk with most clients and friends they do not know the first thing about SEO and this is where the problem lies. It takes time for you to achieve the heights of a search engine such as Google, especially if you are targeting competitive terms.

How can we get free traffic?

We often get asked “how can we get free traffic without using the usual stuff such as SEO, email, article marketing or advertising.” We decided to list down all of the ideas into one large resource that would make it easier for people to understand how. The list that had been drawn up reached an impressive 30 ways to get web traffic. We then reduced the size of the list to my most favourable top 10 to keep it short and to the point. More so it became easier to use as a quick reference guide.

The ideas are not ground breaking new technologies nor are they the next big thing, or new secrets, but like most people I bet you are not using all of them.

Quick wins for your website

Our top 10 are effective methods of free traffic that could turn into quick wins for your website (unlike SEO which is a longer term method), you might even be viewed as an expert in your discipline.

Some of the suggestions will also assist towards the longer term aim of search engine optimisation and several will really benefit that.

If you are in it for the long run then this long-term traffic generation suggestions are for you.
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