Find membership sites and eBooks that are HOT and offer them content.

Find membership sites and eBooks that are HOT and offer them content.

Get behind the slip stream of others

Ok let’s hypothetically say that you are an expert in Web Design. One thing you can easily do is contact every start-up or web design membership site or magazine you can find and offer to give them either an interview or a report.

Each of these listing or membership sites are continually looking for ongoing value for their
members. If you come through with a great interview or a quality report, you can bet they’ll add it to their members’ area, especially if it’s unique to their site.

Find one membership site each week and offer them great content.
You’ll get your marketing message in front of a lot of very targeted eyeballs who are interested in your topic.
Many membership sites archive their content. Be sure to check before you
agree to do an exclusive interview to make sure that it’ll be getting
exposure for a long, long time.
You can make this offer even more appealing by allowing the membership site owners to use their affiliate link for your program in the report or alongside the interview.

How do you find these hot membership sites? Easy.

Search for the following terms:
•    “keyword club” (example “dog owners club”)
•    “keyword month” (example “diabetic month”)
•    “keyword join” (example “divorce join”)

Of course, don’t fret if you find ebooks instead of membership sites. That works, too.

Find hot ebooks in your niche that are just a little different than yours, but in the same field, and offer them a bonus for their customers. I recommend you search directly in the marketplace for those.

Once you set this up, each and every customer who buys the ebook of a competitor will receive a copy of your audio or report. If you set this up properly, you’ll turn your traffic on autopilot.

More Google research ideas:
•    “keyword report” (example “web design report”)
•    “keyword ebook” (example “web designers ebook”)
•    “keyword affiliate” (example “web design”)

Take the Social Networking step

Social networking similar to Social media marketing takes a number of different forms depending on the type of networks you choose to use. The big benefit to them is that it easy to do and at times the results can be great with little effort. Another big benefit is that it is FREE to try so you should have no excuses in giving it a go.

In its simplest format, here’s how it works;

  1. Sign up to a number of FREE networking programs such as:-

    There are hundreds more for you to find through the major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo but the above are probably the most well known.
    The BIG benefit is that it is easy to do and at times the results can be great with little effort….

  3. Update your profile on every site that you join, try to keep a consistency across all of them as this is important for your messaging and brand.
  4. Add your website URL that you would like to send visitors to.

    Add your photo, the best suggestion is that you upload a photo of yourself and not a company logo – important that your visitors can put a face to the messages, a company logo may put up a barrier to visitors as they might believe that they are going to be sold something.

  5. Next up is that you need to start posting messages to the networks. Maybe you might have added something interesting to your blog/website, or you see an interesting post from a friend or industry expert. If you do then submit it to the networks
  6. Be active within the social networks (again something that speaks volumes in social media marketing) as the networking sites want you to be very active. You are also expected to rate other people’s contributions so that the network can grow.
  7. Monitor stats to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Normally engaging pieces of content work well, or maybe talking about the latest trend in your industry or chosen subject will generate FREE traffic to your website.
  8. Make sure you follow the rules of each social network and share good quality relevant (very important in Google’s eyes) information.
  9. Have your own opinion and stand out from the crowd.
  10. A social networking cross over to social media site comes in the form of  as it works on the same lines as many social networking tools. We will talk about this in more detail on the next FREE traffic tip.<.li>