Month: December 2012

Optimize your marketing. Catapult your business

Take the Social Networking step

Social networking similar to Social media marketing takes a number of different forms depending on the type of networks you choose to use. The big benefit to them is that it easy to do and at times the results can be great with little effort. Another big benefit is that it is FREE to try…
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Become a Featured Expert Columnist

Being an Expert Columnist allows you to generate FREE website traffic We all know about content marketing. Yes, it’s an effective way of generating traffic to your website over time. However, a much more direct way of getting your website in front of your target market is by doing something a bit more targeted than…
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10 ways to more traffic

Free ways to more traffic, sales, and profits Website visitor traffic makes the world go ‘round and it’s something that every website, blog, or forum owners wants and needs. The biggest conundrum to owners is how we get it! Since the birth of the internet it has been the desire of every website to achieve…
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